Accessibility Bar

By being a part of the DOSCEL system of schools, Lumen Christi students and staff all have access to GAFE products (Google Apps for Education).  When using their unique username [their school email address] and password, each user has access to a range of apps, functions and tools.

The system that allows staff to bring all this functions together is called Google Classroom.  At Lumen Christi our senior students currently use some parts of this platform, but in a Remote Learning scenario it will serve as a key tool in connecting students to their teachers and their peers.  We congratulate all our students and families that have embraced this opportunity.

Recent updates in security and functionality have allowed us to confidently move forward to use Google Meet as a video-conferencing platform.  A Youtube clip is provided below to explain the teacher and student/parent access points, as well as a few of the new security features.

Various introductory tools are available via a quick search of Youtube:

Google Meets within Google Classroom: